Craft Feature: Dark Fires of the Masquerade Mask

Craft Feature: Dark Fires of the Masquerade Mask

The Dark Fires of the Masquerade was the first mask I made fully on my own outside of a class setting and years after that class in fact. It holds a special place in my heart for that reason.

Dark Fires of the Masquerade Mask

You can also see this Mask at Deviant Art: Dark Fires of the Masquerade 

This mask actually took me forever to finish not because it was complicated or fancy but rather because I would walk away from it weeks or months at a time. It wasn’t until this mask was finished that I began to have the artistic cravings that starting driving me to make more masks.

I enjoy the lines of this mask because it reminds me of the Venetian styled masks that have pronounced lines and large noses. I have to admit I LOVE the nose, it was fun to sculpt and to paint! Channelling the devil look that the horns and peak create; I went with a burgundy colour scheme and distressing of black and brown paints by air brush. The speckling actually came from a difficulty when my airbrush medium and my acrylic paints where were congealing due to the high alcohol content in my medium.

Below are a few of the work in progress photos I have of this mask.

The products I used in this mask:

Tutorial: DIY Makeup Brush Holders

Tutorial: DIY Makeup Brush Holders

A place to put my brushes

Today’s tutorial will be one of the easiest and quickest I will ever show you. In fact it took me longer to take pictures and type up this tutorial than making these brush holders with shopping involved.

I am not a “girly” woman;  but in the last year and half I finally delved into the world of applying makeup and doing my hair.  It wasn’t long before I wanted decent brushes to apply my makeup. Then I was faced with what to do with my brushes when they aren’t in my travel brush roll or drying.

The answer obviously was a holder of some kind that would allow me to store several brushes without placing pressure on my bristles. My next consideration was style: I have an antique table  where they would be stored and I wanted a holder that reflected my own personal style.

What I came up with was … halloween decorations!

Now don’t run away! Tasteful halloween decorations found on sale after the holiday can be all kinds of awesome sauce. Promise!


  • Containers of your choice (Michael’s, Canada). Mine were bought after halloween on super clearance. They should have some height to them to allow for sticking your brushes in for an inch or more.  Containers
  • Epsom Salts (Shopper’s Drug Mart, Canada). Found in most drugstores and Walmarts. If the salts are too expensive for your budget I would suggest a plain white rice.


Step 1

  • Pour salt into your containers. Put your dry brushes in the container.  That is all!  Over time you may find your salt clumping from moisture; just give it a stir.

brush holder

  • You can also store your eyeliners, mascaras and lip liners in the same fashion. liner holder

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy way to store your brushes as much as I do.

Craft Feature: Phantom Mask

Craft Feature: Phantom Mask

Welcome to my first craft feature where I hope to share the designs that are entirely my own that I may not want to cover in tutorial just yet or has already been covered. Today I am sharing my mask that has been nicknamed “Phantom”; which is one of the my newer experimental masks I have been working on in the last year. Every mask I make is entirely different because I am attempting to find an artistic style that reflects my own personal tastes. “Phantom” has been a step in the right artistic direction and a mask that I feel is more professional in all levels of crafting.

Phantom Mask

You can also see this Mask at Deviant Art: Phantom 


When I approach a mask I have no set plan in mind. I sit down with my head bust in front of me taking a deep zen like breath;  and start placing clay all willy nilly until something starts to catch my eye. I guess you could say I prescribe to the chaos theory of mask making during the clay sculpting phase. For “Phantom” the defining feature became the bold line of the single eyebrow with the stark contrast of no eye on the other side. I plan to feature this eyebrow line again in other masks because its depth emphasizes the clean lines pulling the eyes to the focal point.

Prescribing to the chaos theory can sometimes leave you with questions that hold up the whole crafting process.

  • Does the mask need two eyes? Will this limit the wearer’s visibility?
    • A mask doesn’t always have to be symmetrical; you can get crazy with it. (I am just preaching at the neurotic part of myself that needs to balance everything!)While the one eye style does limit lefthand vision; normal vision isn’t hindered for safely wearing the mask during movement because of the width of the eye.
  • How to paint the mask in a way to emphasize the contouring?
    • When I started the painting phase I actually sat this mask aside for two weeks because I couldn’t decide how to paint it. I loved the contours and the rustic feeling of the natural distressing which I knew I would lose to any thick application of acrylic paints.Instead I took TheHusband’s suggestion  to bring out the contour lines that are sculpted into this mask by using Secret Weapon’s pigments to create an antiqued finish without actually having to weather the mask. You can apply the powdery goodness much like you would make-up pigments and a little goes a long way.

The products I used in this mask:

Come back soon to read my upcoming mask making tutorial series.


Tutorial: Megaman 8 Bit Afghan for Headshots from the Heart Marathon

Tutorial: Megaman 8 Bit Afghan for Headshots from the Heart Marathon

A Charity Project From My Heart


“Headshots from the Heart is an online marathon where a team of three players, along with members of the community, will play through as much of Borderlands 2 as they can over twenty-four hours. Broadcast live, we’ll be encouraging viewers to donate through us to Child’s Play, a charity that provides toys and video games to children’s hospitals worldwide. Last year we raised over $2500 for Child’s Play, and this year we hope to raise even more, both from our community and from an international audience.”–(Headshots from the Heart Website)

Headshots from the Heart

On Valentine’s Day a lot of us think about our loved ones and express that love with gifts and tender words. But today I want to talk about expressing that same kind of heartfelt love towards the world at large. More specifically to sick kids.

In May of 2012 several friends and I started the Headshots from the Heart event in support of the Child’s Play charity.  We wanted a way to show that the gaming community was a positive wonderful group of people who love to give back and make the world a better place. We had a blast fundraising and this year I am even more excited to help bring more joy to children in hospitals.

As an organizer and one of those crazy people who sat at a computer for 24 hours straight shooting things for charity I knew that I wanted to bring one more thing to the table that reflected my crafty abilities. I brought a 322 2″ squares Afghan shaped like an 8 Bit Megaman and today I bring you the ability to make him for yourself.

Megaman Afghan

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The Down Low

The Down Low

When you get the idea to start a blog you think long and hard about the idea of sharing yourself with the world. Honestly the idea is scary! But eventually it takes hold and you find yourself pondering about all the neat things you work on that you would love to read if someone else was posting it. If you saw my RSS feeds, you would understand I assure you. So here I am in all my homespun glory. But first let us cover some biographical down-low:

  • I am Amanda G., a Southern American abroad with her loving husband; hereafter known as TheHusband.
  • I enjoy the privilege of working as a freelancer in the Administration IT/Website Programming game.
  • I have a background in foreign languages and a degree to boot!
  • The Hobbies –Not a full list just a dabbling of my interests.–
      • Crafting (Mask Making, Jewellery, Crochet, Knitting, Paper Crafts and whatever catches my fancy!)
      • Video Gaming (Borderlands, Final Fantasy, Dungeon Defenders, Lego Movie Remakes, Half-Life, Dawn of War Series, Saints Row, Torchlight, Max Payne, Poral/2) Just to list a few =)
      • Board/War/Card Gaming (Hordes, Super Dungeon Explore, Magic and Apples to Apples)
      • Cooking and Canning (Tex-Mex, Italian and lots of Salsa)
      • Reading (fantasy, sci-fiction, biographies, romance) and writing
  • I am involved with an event for charity which I cannot promote enough. Headshots from the Heart which helps to raise money for Child’s Play bringing toys to sick kids.

I hope that when you visit this blog you will enjoy a variety of tutorials and crafting information, highlights of my own art, ramblings about all things geeky, and perhaps a bit of “Do It Yourself” fun thrown in for good measure. This will become a place where I can share my life’s passions with you and vice versa.

But for now I hope you enjoy and check in often,

The Dreaming Muse